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Document Your Wishes

Who would speak for you and make your medical decisions if you were unable to speak for yourself? 

Health-care Agent Selection Guide

Who would speak for you? (video)

Complete Your Medical Durable Power of Attorney

Once you have determined who would be willing and able to make your health-care decisions in the event you lack capacity to do so yourself, it's time to appoint your agent by filling out your Medical Durable Power of Attorney form. There is an optional section on this form, for which we have ideas of language you may use. For optional language ideas, Click Here

For Spanish, Click Here

Complete Your Living Will

Once you have appointed someone to make your end-of-life, health-care decisions, it's time to give instructions for your agent and the medical professionals to follow. These instructions come in the form of your Living Will.

For Spanish, Click Here

Talk or meet with one of our guides to review your documents, ask questions, and see if any further advance directive documents are needed. Click here for further explaination of your Medical Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will documents.

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