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These links to advance directive forms will help you document your health-care wishes and are used if you are unable to communicate for yourself. 

The most common directives include:

  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney: A document that legally appoints a health-care agent to make medical decisions for you when you are not able to

  • Advance Directive for Surgical/Medical Treatment (also known as a Living Will): This directive is used only when a physician (or physicians) has determined that the patient has a terminal condition or is in a permanent vegetative state. The directive documents your wishes related to life-sustaining procedures and artificial nutrition. 


  • **CPR Directive: This documents refusal of CPR in the event your heart or breathing malfunctions or stops.

  • **MOST Form: A medical order that documents refusal of CPR as well as goals of treatment.

There may be additional forms that fit your individual health needs.

Please contact us to determine if additional documents/documentation

should be included in your plan. See resources page for additional notary and witness services. 

**These documents are medical orders that require a physician signature

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