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What's Your Plan Estes Park?

The Estes Valley Library is partnering with the Estes Park Health's Hospice and Home Care and the Larimer Advance Care Planning Team to bring you this free service. Don't leave your loved ones wondering. Instead, give them the gift of knowing what your medical preferences are ahead of any illness or injury that could render you unable to speak for yourself. Then ensure they are communicated with those that need to know. Advance Care Planning is all about how we care for each other!


Further Reading:

  • Library Discovery Packs on Advance Directives are now available for check-out, including helpful books, a DVD, and sample forms. Click here to reserve one today!

  • Explore the 2014 report from NPR about La Crosse, Wisconsin–the town where everyone talks about death.  Nearly 96% of people there have advance directives.  Nationally, only 30% of people who die have advance directives. Bud Hammes, a medical ethicist at Gundersen Lutheran Health System, has taken the charge of changing the culture of this town. Click here to listen to the NPR piece.

  • Click here to read a story from The Conversation Project about An Athlete who Changes Her Mind about When to Express Her End-of-Life Wishes.

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