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MOST Training Hybrid Option: 

We understand that not everyone has the time needed to interact with all five training modules listed below. The Colorado Advance Directives Consortium has created a 40-minute video for health providers to learn more about the MOST form. We encourage you to start with this video to get a baseline understanding about best practices with the Colorado MOST. If you are seeking more detail and training, please explore the content on the rest of this page. 

Below are five training video modules for the Colorado Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment or MOST Form and resources to use at your own pace. These modules are geared to increase your knowledge and confidence in using the MOST Form accurately and to help you have robust conversations with your patients.

The Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC) has a wealth of resources. We have previewed and listed the links below for what we have determined to be the most vital to this training. In the interest of ensuring every trainee has a solid base and up-to-date information, please read the information linked below:

Click on the following buttons to view the video training modules and use the links within to complete the training. 




 Contact us with any MOST Form related questions.

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