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Step 1 - Think


The Larimer Advance Care Planning Program invites you to take this opportunity to THINK, if a serious injury or illness did occur who would speak on your behalf?  If tragedy did strike, or you were simply hospitalized for a serious illness and unable to speak for yourself, who would you want to discuss your condition with the doctor and make decisions if needed?

In Colorado if you do not execute any advance medical directives or appoint a person to speak on your behalf and you become incapacitated,  your loved ones do not automatically have the authority to make medical decisions for you. Life is full of unexpected events and we can’t plan when tragedy such as accidents, illness and hospitalization will occur. What we can do is make sure our wishes for treatment and end of life care are documented and communicated with our loved ones.




First Step Activities:

  1. Spend less than ten minutes reading the following two articles:

  2. Explore your own personal values, wishes, and preferences by using one or more of the following:

  3. Watch a three minute video – Who will speak for you if you cannot? What will they say?

  4. Optional Recorded Presentation - Getting Started, Starter Kit Workshop

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