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Step 2 - Understand

No one wants to talk about dying. However, having one conversation with your loved ones and Healthcare Agent(s) can make a tremendous difference in the health care you receive. Learn the importance of having the conversation and get some tools to help make it easier to speak with those you would trust to make your health care decisions should you ever be too ill or injured to do so yourself.

Second Step Activities:

  1. Watch a video or two about having the conversation

  2. Read two stories from The Conversation Project website on the importance and impact of a conversation

  3. Choose a Healthcare Agent(s) – use the tools below to help you choose the right person

  4. Have a conversation with your agent(s), alternates and others – see Starter Kit from week one for talking tools. Even starting the conversation will make a difference!

  5. Optional - Recorded Presentation of How to Appoint a Healthcare Agent 

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