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Step 3 - Implement and Tell Others

Implement your plan by legally documenting your preferences, then Tell others.

  • Implement: take action to complete your Advance Directives then get copies to everyone named on your Medical Durable Power of Attorney and to the medical community [your Primary Care Physician and local Hospital System(s)]. Completing your documents and sharing them are equally important in implementing your plan.

  • Tell: Advance Directives are for everyone age 18 and older. We encourage you to now tell 2-3 people how important it is to do their Advance Directives.

You have come this far - Do something today that your future self will thank you for! Don't disregard the importance of completing your Advance Directives, telling your loved ones of your plan, and encouraging those around you to do this too! 

Third Step Activities:

  1. Optional - Look through the following items for more learning tools and to answer further questions.

  2. Read the FAQ on Colorado Living Will ​​

  3. Draft the forms listed below:​ Fill in everything you can, except for the signature, then print completed forms to then be witnessed, notarized, and shared with the local medical community. Forms will be available on-site as well.​

    • Medical Durable Power of Attorney​

    • Living Will For Medical Treatment

    • HIPAA Release Form 

      • If you'd like the Larimer ACP Team to share your documents in a secure manner with the local hospital system(s), please fill this out with your information and where you'd like your documents to be stored. You never know where an ambulance ride may take you, and we can securely get your directives on file with local hospitals, a good practice wherever you might live.

  4. Optional - Recorded Presentation of The Living Will Workshop

  5. ​​Final Steps: Click the button below for signing opportunities!       

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